Our Fees

Predominantly, fees are fixed so that you may be clear as to the total cost of our service to you.  In some cases however, this is not possible and work is therefore undertaken on an hourly rate which can range from £180 to £300.

All costs quoted include VAT.

Fixed fees include:

  • Initial discussion with yourself to obtain instructions;
  • Consideration of evidence and documents from Prosecution, Courts and third parties;
  • Ongoing contact with yourself and any relevant third parties with regard to the preparation of the case;
  • Representation at court;
  • Ongoing advice with regard to the progress of your case and court procedures;
  • Concluding advice with regard to the outcome of the case and any appeal, if appropriate.

Some cases call for external fees to be incurred as part of the preparation for example instructing an expert to prepare a report or drawing a plan of the scene.

These costs are payable to the third party and as such are additional to the fixed fee.  We will provide either details of the costs or an estimate of the same when it becomes apparent that such fees may need to be incurred.

The range of costs quoted for a not guilty plea is based upon a trial with a duration of no longer than one day and it is exclusive of any third party costs that may need to be incurred.

Costs of representation in individual matters

All costs are inclusive of VAT.

SpeedingGuilty (written representations)Between £600 and £960
SpeedingGuilty (representation at court)Between £600 and £1800
No insuranceGuiltyBetween £600 and £1800
No insuranceNot guiltyBetween £1200 and £2400

Drink driving/drug driving/failure to provide a specimen/drunk in charge
GuiltyBetween £600 and £1800

Drink driving/drug driving/failure to provide a specimen/drunk in charge
Not guiltyBetween £1800 and £3000
Penalty points resulting in totting and exceptional hardshipBetween £1800 and £2400
Drink drivingGuilty (special reasons)Between £1800 to £3000
Mobile phone offencesGuiltyBetween £600 and £960
Careless drivingGuilty£600 and £1800
Careless drivingNot guiltyBetween £1800 to £3000

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